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Nov 26 2008

My position on the 2-Way Mercer

[UPDATE, 1/16/09] Mayor Nickels and SDOT submitted to the City Council a fully-funded plan to fix Mercer and Spokane Street Viaduct. The remaining $50 million needed for the Mercer project will be from the economic recovery package.]

The Mercer street debate is not a new debate, but one that seems to effectively polarize advocates and opponents. My training requires me to look for controlling precedent, case law or similar situations to arrive at a position that makes sense or, in the alternative, reach a new, unprecedented position because I believe the facts warrant such position. I have taken it upon myself to find information that I believe is relevant and not rely on the arguments or assertions of those who seemed to be vested in advocating for a certain solution.

The Mercer corridor serves more than 5000 vehicles per hour during the peak morning hour and more than 6000 vehicles per hour during the peak evening hour. This corridor serves as the main east-west arterial to access I-5 for residents of Queen Anne, South Lake Union and even Magnolia. In 2004, South Lake Union was designated as an urban center and is expecting tremendous growth in the coming decades. The population of South Lake Union has grown by 300% since 2000 and is expected to have 30,000 residents and ten-thousand new jobs by 2030.

Improving this corridor has been an ongoing discussion for the last 40 years, but the necessity to improve traffic flow at this corridor is the result of tremendous economic growth which has occurred over the last ten years and the projected growth for the next 20 years.

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Nov 01 2008

Youth Voter Registration Drive

At last month’s Youth Voter Registration Drive at City Hall, over 1,200 youth voters registered over a course of several weeks leading up to the Drive. Seattleites are aware of the hurdles that prevent youth from engaging in the election process and we wanted to do our part to help! I agreed to co-sponsor this event with King County Elections, Clear Channel Communications, local businesses and other nonpartisan organizations. The event provided a fun and safe environment to assist with voter registration, while finding solutions to barriers that may keep youth ages 18 to 25 from voting.

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