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Nov 21 2012

Positive Focus E-Newsletter: More Police Officers and Proactive Policing

Here is the link to the new Positive Focus E-Newsletter:

Below is an excerpt from the newsletter.

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Adding 21 Police Officers – Council’s Proactive Public Safety Strategy

On November 19, the City Council adopted the 2013-2014 City Budget. This completed the Council’s eight week process of examining the Mayor’s proposed budget and improving it. As public safety chair, my priority was focusing on adding more resources for public safety. I heard you loudly and clearly and acted to enhance public safety for all neighborhoods by adding 21 additional police officers and $1 million in additional funding for proactive policing emphasis patrols to prevent violent crimes. Emphasis patrols are a form of proactive hot-spot policing. There is strong empirical data that shows proactive emphasis patrols are effective in reducing crime. Read more

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Nov 15 2012

Proclamation: Native American Heritage Month

Proclamation issued for the month of November 2012:

WHEREAS, Native American Heritage Month is celebrated every year to recognize Native American cultures, contributions, history, traditions, art, and land; and

WHEREAS, the history, economy, and culture of the City of Seattle have been significantly influenced by local Native Americans and Native American tribes whose customs and traditions are respected and celebrated as part of a rich legacy throughout our area; and

WHEREAS, the City of Seattle was built upon Native American tribal lands and our city has greatly benefited since its founding in 1865 from Native American contributions and resources; and

WHEREAS, the City of Seattle honors and celebrates Chief Seattle in its seal and throughout its parks and lands which contain many Native American statues and monuments that remind us daily of our rich Native American heritage; and

WHEREAS, in celebration of Native American Heritage Month, the City of Seattle wishes to encourage everyone to join in recognition of the accomplishments and contributions the Native American community has made to our society and salute all of the local organizations who work with and support the Native American community.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it proclaimed by the Seattle City Council that the month of November 2012 shall be proclaimed as Native American Heritage Month and calls on the City and people of Seattle to observe and honor Native American culture and recognize the history, contributions, and achievements of Native Americans throughout Seattle.

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