Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell

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Jul 27 2009

Sound Transit’s Light Rail Opening: People Will Come

After decades of talk and debate, Seattle now has light-rail to add to its transportation options. The opening of the new 14-mile segment is our 1st down play to move people in this region more effectively. I voted in favor of the Sound Transit 2 measure on last year’s ballot, supporting an expanded system totaling 55 miles and 19 stations in the next 15 years. Light rail is the most effective mode to move a lot of people from urban center to urban center. As one link is built to the next link, between 50,000 to 110,000 will be riding the system in the upcoming decades. Pulling a quote from the movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come”, in this case, “If you build it, people will use it.” By the way, for you movie buffs, it is “he” will come, not “they.” The phrase is often misquoted.

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