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Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell

Sep 27 2013

In the News

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  • “Councilmember Bruce Harrell on race and inclusion”
    “I enjoyed Bruce Harrell’s well-written guest commentary “The value of inclusiveness” [Opinion, Nov. 28],” | The Seattle Times, 12/01/2009
  • “Looking beyond race, not by being colorblind, but inclusive”
    “IN 1997, Gary Locke was governor; Norm Rice, mayor; Ron Sims, King County executive, John Stanford was superintendent of Seattle Public Schools and Richard McIver, Martha Choe, Cheryl Chow and Charlie Chong served on the Seattle City Council — all people of color.” | The Seattle Times, 11/27/2009
  • Seattle City Council announces new committee assignments
    “Seattle City Council announces new committee assignments” | The Seattle Times, 11/20/2009
  • “Climate of fear still oppressing city youths”
    “It’s so easy to blame, and there’s a lot of blame to go around,” Harrell said. But, he added, “we talk about these people committing violent acts as though they’re on Mars. It seems that one of our problems is trying to identify who is a problem and get them that outreach, that help.” | Seattle PI, 11/10/2009
  • “City looks to technology to serve its citizens”
    “December’s snowstorms might not have been so bad had Seattle’s technology been what Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell hopes it can be.” | Seattle PI, 10/12/2009
  • “Neighbors want tougher law to battle problem motels”
    “Committee vice chair Bruce Harrell said it’s not clear the language is explicit enough, and asked about having safeguards for business owners who think they’ve been unfairly targeted.” | Seattle PI, 10/07/2009
  • “A new location for Queen Anne fire station close to being selected”
    “Councilman Bruce Harrell, the committee’s vice chair, said he is concerned the city could be on the hook for an increasing bill for the development.” | Seattle PI, 10/07/2009
  • “Harrell disappointed in Seattle City Light budget proposal”
    “Changes will be made,” Harrell said about the budget proposal. He continued in the statement, “The Council’s job is to protect the ratepayers and the citizens from high and unreasonable rates; to ensure that our power system is safe and reliable; and to make sure our operations are environmentally sustainable,” added Harrell.” | Seattle Post Globe, 10/02/2009
  • “Harrell announces technology initiatives for 2010”
    “Seattle Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, proposed on Sept. 8 the utilization of a government and technology outline that will optimize the use of technology to increase transparency, enhance access to city information, and improve government efficiency.” | Northwest Asian Weekly, 9/24/2009
  • Rainier Valley puts City Council in transit, crime hot seat
    “Councilmember Bruce Harrell pushed the success of the Youth Violence prevention initiative, saying “crime is not a 2009 problem,” “we need to go to the source…According to Harrell, the city receives 10 million phone calls a year, so with open data, and a new customer service management program, he hoped to make it easier to access information.” | Central District News, 9/23/2009
  • “Thought from last nights Skyline OC game”
    Being 50 years old and from the Northwest the greatest HS game I have ever seen was the clash of Garfield and Blanchet in the early 1970’s when both teams were loaded with division one talent. It didn’t have the intrigue of Washington vs California but it had similar talent out on the field featuring future Husky greats like Bruce Harrell and Joe Steele. | UW Dawg Pound, 9/19/2009
  • “Politics and Technology”
    Very recently, Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell, who chairs the Energy and Technology Committee, laid out a vision for embracing similar change in Seattle. In Seattle, our website www.seattle.gov has twice won “top municipal web portal” (2001, 2006), our municipal TV channel 21 has twice received top honors for municipal television programming for a City our size (2007, 2008) and regularly receives Emmy awards. | Notes from a City CIO, 9/18/2009
  • “Councilmember Bruce Harrell Proposes 10 Technology Initiatives”
    Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell unveiled a 10-point plan on Wednesday to help Seattle government get the most out of technology. These initiatives could increase efficiency, transparency and improve government customer service, said the announcement. | Northwest Hub, 9/11/2009
  • “City Council lists 2010 technology initiatives: open data, apps and a city portal”
    The Seattle City Council today announced 10 technology initiatives for 2010 and a few of them CHS really likes. | CHS Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, 9/08/2009
  • “Council approves funds for ‘public engagement portal”
    On Aug. 10, the Seattle City Council authorized the Department of Information Technology to begin the first phase of development of the Public Engagement Portal. | Ballard News Tribune, 8/11/2009
  • “Gun Fights, Machetes, and Murder Community Centers Are Funded By the City and Supposed to Be Safe. Instead, they’re Becoming Hubs for Crime.”
    “City council member Bruce Harrell, the vice-chair of the council’s public-safety committee, believes some centers should have more structure and be staffed with police officers, as several schools were last year. But there are no current plans to assign cops to community centers. Harrell has been working on a plan to enlist an army of volunteers for an at-risk-youth mentorship program, but that’s a ways off. “If you’re dealing with higher numbers [of kids] without a necessary agenda, the result could very well be chaos and fights,” Harrell says. “Unless we have some structure, we could inadvertently create the same kind of atmosphere we don’t want to create.” | The Stranger, 7/07/2009
  • “It’s a blank slate now but will the Othello station fulfill plans for high-density shopping area?”
    “City Councilmember Bruce Harrell hopes the trains are well used but questions how people will reach them from other parts of Rainier Valley. One problem is the lack of park-and-ride lots, he said. Neighbors are suggesting “jitney” vehicles, using green technology, that deliver people to the stations, he said.” | Seattle Times, 7/03/2009
  • “McGinn weighs in on Internet access”
    “I agree that equal opportunity for high speed internet access, access that I will define as connectivity between 5-15 mbps or the option for residents/businesses to obtain up to 100 mbps, is absolutely critical to establishing parity in our city and region.”… | Seattle PostGlobe, 7/02/2009
  • “Nickels Announces Plans To Use Stimulus Money To Replace Streetlights”
    “We have tested LED streetlights in our neighborhoods and they work.
    With these federal funds, we can now bring energy-saving lighting to more Seattle neighborhoods and I predict many other cities will follow our lead,” said Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the Energy and Technology Committee.
    | The Seattle Medium, 6/17/2009
  • “Mayor wants street light repairs increased this year”
    “Proper street lighting enhances the safety and ambience of a thriving city and helps define its health, culture and vibrancy,” said Harrell. “This change is a customer-focused approach that provides cost-effective repair service to our valued residents and businesses.” | West Seattle Herald, 5/27/2009
  • “Consultant to look at snow response”
    “Council members Bruce Harrell, Nick Licata and Richard McIver opposed hiring a consultant. Harrell said he thinks the transportation department should be able to solve problems found in reviews on its own, and he doesn’t think it’s a good time to spend up to $200,000 on an outside consultant.” | Seattle Times, 5/27/2009
  • “Councilmembers: Why another pricey consultant?”
    “Councilmembers Bruce Harrell and Richard McIver also voted against it. Harrell said he didn’t think the city needed to spend the money.” | Seattle Post Intelligencer, 5/27/2009
  • “30 Days to Digital Television Transition”
    “Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell held a press conference to mark the start of a 30-day countdown to the transition from analog to digital television.” | Seattlest, 5/14/2009
  • “Council approves $4.9 million from government to aid in housing”
    “Council member Bruce Harrell and Housing Committee Chair Richard McIver warned that the city should have a good exit strategy once the funds are gone in three years.” | West Seattle Herald, 5/11/2009
  • “Memorable moments from Memorial Stadium”
    “November 22, 1975: Blanchet High School beats Garfield High School 42-35 in a four-overtime football game that historians consider the best Washington high school sports event of the 20th century. Future University of Washington record setter Joe Steele threw the winning touchdown. Current City Councilmember Bruce Harrell was a starting linebacker and captain for Garfield, and later played in the 1978 Rose Bowl with Steele and others from that game.” | Seattle Post Intelligencer, Last modified: 5/01/2009
  • “$300M project at Seattle Goodwill site canceled”
    “But that only means, I think, that the city needs to commit to finding some economic development still for that area.” | Seattle Times, 4/24/2009
  • “$1.3M more approved for Seattle violence-prevention project”
    “A Seattle City Council committee agreed Tuesday to spend $1.3 million more on preventing youth violence,” | Seattle Times, 4/22/2009
  • “Annual Youth And Law Forum Provides Reality Check, Inspires Youth”
    “Seattle City Councilman Bruce Harrell provided the keynote address for the event, where he gave those in attendance some relevant advice in order to be successful in life.” | Seattle Medium, 4/22/2009
  • “Councilmembers spread word on digital TV switch”
    “On Friday, Conlin and Harrell, chair of the Energy, Technology and Commerce committee, joined public interest groups in getting the word out to residents at the Seattle Housing Authority’s Center Park apartments at 2121 26th Avenue South in the Rainier Valley” | Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/17/2009
  • “Seattle City Council is committed to open government”
    “One way to improve communication and engage people who are not currently involved is implementing Councilmember Bruce Harrell’s suggestion for an online Citizen Engagement Portal that would inform and poll citizens on city legislative issues.” | Seattle Times, 4/10/2009
  • Seattle mayor, council want closed budget talks
    “I don’t like much behind closed doors, and so it seems to me that all tax information … should be completely transparent,” Councilmember Bruce Harrell said. “From a practical standpoint, I think there should be meetings to discuss ideas or perhaps the process itself, but all decisions, all meaningful discussion, should be transparent in front of the public.” | Seattle Times, 4/09/2009
  • Harrell proposes co-op to reduce costs of polystyrene ban
    “This is a significant cost increase,” Harrell said in the news release, “and because the city has imposed the ban, it is our obligation to create supportive policies that enable small businesses to remain viable and self-sustaining in a competitive industry.” | Seattle Times, 4/08/2009
  • “Seattle City Council has questions about botched snowstorm response”
    “I have a hard time spending money to force people to be honest,” Harrell said. “My job is not to manage and interrogate executives. My job is to get accurate information. I want to get at the truth and come up a with a plan to get at the truth and make sure we have a competent snowstorm response.” | Seattle Times, 3/20/2009
  • “City inches toward broadband service”
    Seattle Times, 3/19/2009
  • “Council members team up with libraries for lightbulb recycling”
    “City council members Bruce Harrell and Nick Licata are looking to place environmentally safe drop boxes at all 27 Seattle …” | West Seattle Herald, 3/10/2009
  • “Council says new committee will help accountability”
    “Council members Bruce Harrell, Sally Clark and Nick Licata will serve on the committee, with Harrell serving as Vice Chair. Potential work plan items …” | Ballard News Tribune, 2/27/2009
  • “Seattle water customers pay their own rebate”
    “…Bruce Harrell voted no.” | Seattle Times, 2/20/2009
  • “For next big snow, city works to have better plan in place” “Councilman Bruce Harrell said he sensed that the city “continued to not know how big the storm was. … How did we not do that?”” | Seattle Post Intelligencer, 2/20/2009
  • “Seattle water customers to get refund — and rate increase” “Councilmember Bruce Harrell opposed the plan, saying the city should take this opportunity to examine its priorities and make cuts to cover the refund.” | Seattle Times, 2/18/2009
  • “Here’s a Refund, Now Give It Back” “Councilman Bruce Harrell was the only council member to vote against the rate increase. He said that the council once again missed an opportunity to look at what they’re doing and to start examining where in the budget they can save money.” | The Seattle Courant, 2/17/2009
  • “Annexation at the White Center of Controversy”, Seattle Weekly, 2/17/2009
  • “City to OK water-bill surcharge”, “He said he wants the council to be more proactive in its approach to the budget and finding solutions…”The easy thing would be to pass it on to the citizens. I suggest we slow it down and buy ourselves some strategic time,” said Harrell…He suggested the council take more time to figure out how to pay the bill…”I am trying to get them to protect the citizens in the tough economy,” Harrell said later.” | Seattle Post Intelligencer, 2/15/2009
  • “Nickels: Interim chief likely if Kerlikowske leaves”, Seattle Times, 2/12/2009
  • “Pend Oreille County wants bigger piece of wealth from Seattle’s dam”, Seattle Times, 2/04/2009
  • “Seattle water rebate may come with a pricey catch”, Seattle Post Intelligencer, 1/29/2009
  • “Harrell, Seattle City Council To Address Equity Issues Of Upcoming…”, Seattle Medium, 1/28/2009
  • “What happens to homeless when the camps are closed?”, Seattle Post Intelligencer, 1/26/2009


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